3D Wheel Aligner elegant sp - Applications
  • Passenger Vehicle(PV)
  • Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV)
  • Tyre shop

    3D Wheel Aligner - ELEGANT SP

    The key to proper alignment is adjusting the angles of the tires which affect how they make contact with the road. The ELEGANT-SP has been made to make this process more factual and precise. Features like Non-electronic target plates and indicative industrial cameras puts the ELEGANT-SP at par with the latest technology

    Features & Benefits

    • Variable Height Camera Support
    • Vehicle Orientation directional Indicator, located on camera beam
    • Advanced Customer Database
    • Advanced Alignment Measurements
    • Custom Vehicle Specifications
    • Front/Rear/All/Zoom Readings
    • Individual Camber, Caster & Toe
    • Initial/Final Print outs in Graphical & Text
    • Easy to operate, complete conventional basic parameters within two minutes, significantly faster than conventional aligners
    • Many installation methods like Pit, Ramp, Lift etc.
    • Cast iron block
    • Durable aluminium body
    • Piston rings of unique design
    • Robust motor
    • Reed valve
    • Aluminium cylinder head and cylinders with deep fins
    • Handle with rubber grip
    • Maintenance-friendly, saves power
    • Low wear and tear with cast- Iron sleeve
    • Better oil control, low oil consumption and carry-over
    • Withstands voltage fluctuations from 180V to 240V
    • Low noise
    • Better cooling
    • Easy mobility


    • Designed for continuous performance in extreme climatic conditions
    • Increases heat dissipation
    • Efficient cooling to ensure that temperature rises are kept within 10º above ambient
    • Provides additional safety
    • Greater cooling and better heat dissipation
    • Low oil carry-over and extended life of piston rings
    • High volumetric efficiency
    • Energy savings
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    NOTE: * Available Models: AN4/200, OTP 200