• High efficient IE2 6 pole motor
  • 5% less energy consumption
  • 13% Lower Piston Speed
  • Energy efficiency and power saving
  • 7% Higher FAD
  • Aluminium INter & after cooler

    Two Stage Direct Drive Reciprocating Air Compressor

    Air Inflator is all around us. When used to replace oxygen and other gases in the inflation, it enhances handling, improves fuel efficiency, extends tire life, protects the Earth and most importantly, keeps you safer on the road.

    Product Features

    • Maximum ambient 50ºC / 122ºF
    • Low noise level 72dB(A)
    • 7% Lower power cost
    • 14% reduced service cost
    • 20% Lesser weight
    • 11% lesser foot print
    • 40% reduced oil utilization
    • Cast iron block
    • Durable aluminium body
    • Piston rings of unique design
    • Robust motor
    • Reed valve
    • Aluminium cylinder head and cylinders with deep fins
    • Handle with rubber grip
    • Maintenance-friendly, saves power
    • Low wear and tear with cast- Iron sleeve
    • Better oil control, low oil consumption and carry-over
    • Withstands voltage fluctuations from 180V to 240V
    • Low noise
    • Better cooling
    • Easy mobility


    • Designed for continuous performance in extreme climatic conditions
    • Increases heat dissipation
    • Efficient cooling to ensure that temperature rises are kept within 10º above ambient
    • Provides additional safety
    • Greater cooling and better heat dissipation
    • Low oil carry-over and extended life of piston rings
    • High volumetric efficiency
    • Energy savings
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    Two-Stage Direct Drive

    * Water cooled
    * Mounted on a horizontal air receiver
    * Free air delivery in accordance with IS5456